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Jumat, 07 Oktober 2011

review: Sephora Mineral Loose Powder Foundation shade: med 26


What it is:
A hydrating, 97-percent-mineral foundation that creates a matte, flawless, natural-looking finish.

What it does:
Achieve beautifully buildable coverage with this versatile complexion-perfecting essential, suited to all skin types. Even out skintone, and conceal blemishes and imperfections with this antioxidant-infused formulation.

What it is formulated WITHOUT:
- Parabens
- Synthetic Fragrances

Price: $18 on sephora web-store, but now on sale $3 only

What else you need to know:
Achieve an enviable complexion with ease:
-Step 1: Place a small amount of powder into the cap (less is more).
-Step 2: Using SEPHORA Mineral Powder Brush #45, spin the brush to crush the minerals in the cap. The brush has a hypoallergenic, nontoxic, anti-bacterial coating that will act like a magnet for the powder, causing less mess and helping to keep skin healthy (suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive).
-Step 3: Pack the excess powder into the brush.
-Step 4: Start in center of face and blend going up and out, and out and down; repeat for more coverage.

I decided to try it due to the consistent good reviews at FD forums. They all said the good things `bout this mineral foundation.Unfortunately I was not a big fan.I'm sorry to say ,but I'm joining the "disappointed club". :lol

what i`d like:
- i choose `med 26` shade, it`s just match perfectly on my N30 skintone.
- the texture very creamy and delicate soft,glowy  and smooth finishing.so, if you have a flawless skin, you`ll love this product.

and just because i dont have a flawless skin, i dont like this product! why??
-sheer coverage! this powder have a rave `bout the great coverage, and i`m so curious...I hope this would help hide my redness and my acne scars, but its not! the Coverage is sheer to medium. and i have to layer to get absolutely coverage for any blemishes.
- cakey and sink into my finelines. after less than 3 hours, i looked at myself in the mirror and the powder had caked and looked extremely unnatural.I can see patches, especially on my nose.Maybe my main problem with mineral makeup so far is that I have to layer it on to get the coverage I want, and once I do it ends up looking really cakey.
-Didn’t do much for oil control but it’s not a drying too.
-My pores on my cheeks suddenly get larger.

5 komentar:

  1. Seneng ada reviewnya, gw kmrn juga ikutan mesen di lapak dhutama cm belom ada kabar sampai apa belom, jd penasaran.

    Ran coba lo apply pakai sponge basah, mgkn coveragenya akan lebih tebal. Tp mudah2an ga cakey ya. Soalnya selama ini gw pakai yg lumiere dengan sponge basah jadinya mantep dan ga cakey.

  2. wehehe.... kalo mbak jule mah kulitnya gak banyak yg mesti ditutupin... pasti suka sama ini sephora, aku udah coba apply pakai blender it sponge nya yg dari mbak jule itu.... tetep aja pas pertama emang bagus, tapi lamaan dikit udah sink di finelines +cakey... hahaha. padahal kalo pakai blender it sponge buat apply powder lain nya gak gitu....

  3. Rani, hihiy udah review. aku kemaren juga beli akhirnya saking katanya bagus. ya wes tak coba eh belinya kegelapan warnanya aku beli Med 26 x_x..
    tapi ini bagus si IMO untuk hari" ga berat di muka :D

  4. lah iya shell, med 26 kan buat NC30 an.. pasti kegelapan di kamu.. hihi.... kalo buat yang mukanya mulus bagus yaaa....... :(

  5. Rani oh gitu .. aku jadi deg deg an haha, sbnrnya aku punya bagian dagu yg byk musti ditutupin, sama pori2 ku guede2. Kmrn bingung sm warnnya jadi beli yg med 25 sama 26 deh.